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January 7, 2014

Brandon Cheeks Bio


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THE SEASON OF THE FALLING By Brandon Cheeks The winter season is synonymous with falling. Leaves have fallen off the trees. Time fell back. Rain and snow fall from the sky. And, people tend to fall out of shape. As a personal trainer, I’ve noticed a trend that occurs at this time. From October to December, clients cancel or don’t schedule consistent workouts. I call this three-month period the “Fall…


Hot Underground Indie Artists to Look Out For

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Hot Underground Indie Artists to Look Out For By: RitaBee/ Black Sheep Soul Radio It’s that time again where I have kept my headphones on and my ear to the streets listening for more great underground artist to listen to. I must say this next set I’m about to present are some great additions for your playlist. Ranging from Soul, Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop. Artist: Suite 709 Genre: Pop/SoulCity: Austin,…

Beauty and the Brain


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BEAUTY AND THE BRAIN By Fredricka Fonta The average woman spends 2 years standing in front of her closet looking for something to wear…When I first saw this fact I couldn’t believe it, two years of time on choosing what to wear? Oh well I said, ‘you gotta pay the cost, to be the beauty boss’. I thought to myself “that’s not really a negative thing; it takes time to…