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February 8th marked a night in San Diego where the beauty industry’s top professionals came together with Beauty Changes Lives Foundation, in order to raise money, awareness, and showcase amazing talent.

Bellus Academy President, Lynelle Lynch and founder of Beauty Changes Lives, is the driving force behind the foundation and its beliefs. With the idea and knowledge that beauty can make a person feel better, make them happy, and increase confidence, the industry is so much more than what it appears. Her focus is to empower those who are in beauty school to reach for their dream and go with their true passions. By providing numerous scholarships to students, with some up to 100% tuition, student’s have the ability to achieve their goals through education.


Bellus Academy and Beauty Changes Lives event, Come2gether brought a showcase to the city presenting true, professional talent, front and center, live on stage! This event was like non other. With a few featured arisits such as; Mike Varela; Douglas McCoy; Diego Raviglione; Manny San Martin; Carrera Bailey; Omar Antonio; DJ Muldoon; Nicole Brown and others. This show gave the audience a glimpse into this amazing talent each professional carries. With cutting techniques live on stage, it was awe inspiring to see the effortlessness they ensue. You could instantly recognize that this was their passion, and life’s path for them.

Listening to Lynelle Lynch, and Manny San Martin before the show, gave me a personal vindication that anyone should reach for their dream, no matter what it is. With such passion and vigor for their talent and cause, it was empowering to have met them, and learn about the foundation. Seek what you love doing, and let it drive you.

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Ashley Zarubi

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