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Those of us who frequent the gym will recognize that personal trainers come in all shapes sizes and forms. One of the most knowledgeable trainers that I have ever met was an overweight guy in his early forties.  How do you feel about an overweight person leading your journey to the fitness promised land? After all, when it comes to training do we need to practice what we preach? Or just be a great preacher? How about the self-loving super buff guy? As he tells you to add more and more weight, he glances in the mirror to check his muscle tone and spray tan. I mean-as a trainer am I selling my body? (the way my body looks of course!) Or am I selling non-physical personal attributes such as; personality, motivational techniques, knowledge and results produced? Based on my experience as a trainer, I would choose someone who does the big three

  1. Offers 2-3 complimentary sessions
  2. Completes a thorough Assessment before any training takes place(here is a link for an complimentary assessment that I typically administer)
  3. Smiles when they say “Hello”

These are three simple things that can be difficult to find.  Let me break that down for you. Number one shows me that they are not in it ONLY for the money; they most likely love what they do and are undoubtedly knowledgeable in the field. Also, one training session is not enough to read from. I can truly get a sample of their training style in 2-3 sessions. Number two demonstrates that they are safe and again… knowledgeable in the field.  Number three is not only a personal preference but it also indicates that they enjoy interacting with people, and that is what personal training is all about.

Young, old, overweight, underweight athletic looking or goofy looking doesn’t matter. When it comes down to it-you want results. You want what you pay for, and let’s be honest…personal trainers are not cheap.  What really matters is that you get someone who is knowledgeable, and keeps the training sessions safe, progressively challenging and effective. On that note here is some food for thought-Is it more desirable to have a workout that is entertaining but less effective or a workout that is lackluster but very effective? What qualities do you look for in a trainer?

Respect, Reliability, Results

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