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Exercising simply because you enjoy a good sweat is great. Speaking from a trainers point of view I would argue that the majority of people workout to attain a specific and pre-determined level of fitness. Mothers want to lose weight gained during pregnancy, hard gainers want to put on that extra ten pounds of bicep and brawn, weekend warriors want to fix that bum knee that continues to ache and that valedictorian once prom queen needs to tone up for her ten year reunion. In my opinion, I would rather a lackluster yet effective workout than an exciting workout that I didn’t reap any benefits from.
Whatever the goal may be, the driving force behind training is almost always the results…not the enjoyment of the workout. Zumba or Yoga, Pilates or Powerlifting- they will all lead to a higher level of fitness when done correctly. For something to be deemed effective there must be measurable results like weight gain or fat loss. Is enjoyment a measurable quantity? Hmmm I’ll answer that one…enjoyment is not a measurable quantity and is therefore irrelevant to a results driven activity. You might not enjoy a particular workout, but you should enjoy the results from working out. As a trainer I feel obligated to create workouts that are both, enjoyable and effective. Although my clients would say I tend to lean towards the more “enjoyable workouts”- and that’s why we always do planks, squat jumps and burpees!
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