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February 20, 2015


ELEMENT is the ultimate guiltless dessert snack

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Looking for a light healthy snack to enjoy during this Sundays’ Oscars? I’d like to suggest ELEMENT, the only GMO-free, gluten free and extremely low-sugar dessert products in the U.S. – these rice and corn cakes take your taste buds to the next level. ELEMENT is the ultimate guiltless dessert snack that can be a quick on-the-go bite for the career girl or a platter of fun and tasty treats…


A Woman’s Guide for the Perfect Beach Accessories

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In two short months, many individuals will pack-up their belongings and go south for the week of spring break. As relaxing as spring break sounds, there are certain key accessories that are needed to accomplish a perfect vacation.   Sunscreen and sunglasses will not be the only products protecting your eyes this spring break. Add a brimmed hat, like the nobis August, to your packing list. As one of nobis’s…