A Woman’s Guide for the Perfect Beach Accessories

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In two short months, many individuals will pack-up their belongings and go south for the week of spring break. As relaxing as spring break sounds, there are certain key accessories that are needed to accomplish a perfect vacation.


  1. Sunscreen and sunglasses will not be the only products protecting your eyes this spring break. Add a brimmed hat, like the nobis August, to your packing list. As one of nobis’s recent hats from their spring collection, the August offers a breezy-styled fedora that includes a soft sheer cotton lining. This hat will have everyone on the beach giving you a double take. Stylish and Sophisticated; the August is one to reckon with.


  1. Have you ever desired intensified sound while you are out in the sun? Do you want to “rock-out” on the beach for your spring break? If you answered yes to all of these, then the Boombot Rex is for you. As one of the most powerful speakers available in its class, this customizable and portable box will put music back in your hands.

Boombox Rex


  1. Spring break is a time to let loose and not have anything drag you down – including your phone case. As one of the durable phone cases on the market, the Pelican Voyager series will be a great companion on any trip. Not only will it protect any fall it may endure, but it will also keep out the sand from the countless trips to the beach.

Pelican Voyager


  1. Dry lips? Have no fear; EOS lip balm is here. The EOS lip balm will leave your lips as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Also containing vitamins C & E, your lips will never get dry from the sun and will grant you long-lasting beautiful lips.


  1. Just this week only, you can get the Amazon Kindle for only $59.00. If you don’t want to listen to music the whole time on the beach, indulge yourself in a good book. With over millions of titles to choose from and a no-screen glare, the Amazon Kindle is the perfect item to throw in your bag when you’re on the go.



  1. Do you want spring break hair without having to do all the work? Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray can give you instant waves that add a sexy appeal to your sun-bathed hair. Infused with natural sea salt, this hair product will look like you visit the beach daily.


  1. For a fun look, try these Butterfly Wire Headbands. With the ability to choose any fabric you favor, these wire headbands can go great with any swimsuit you may own. Whether you wear your hair up or down, these fashion-forward headbands are guaranteed to make a statement.


  1. Just in case you find yourself traveling in a car for a long time or even want to go for a quick run, the InnoWAVE headphones should be your “go-to.” Coming in four bright colors, the InnoWAVE can be spotted miles away. These headphones are for the music enthusiasts who like to stand out and be unique.


  1. Whether you prefer aviators or an oval look, Ray Ban is a brand for any gender. As one of the hottest sunglasses brands on the market, you will fit right in on the beach. Throw your sunglasses on and pair it with your nobis hat for a cool and chic look.


  1. No one enjoys being burnt on his or her vacation. For that reason, indulge this spring break in Neutrogena’s Breach Defense sun protection. As being a brand that is recommended by dermatologists, the Beach Defense line is powerful enough to protect you and your family anywhere you go.

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