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June 15, 2015


Mother (earth) Lover

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Mother (earth) Lover By Julia Escobosa   Some of us may not realize it, but many of our daily rituals to make ourselves look amazing are simultaneously causing our lovely planet to age not-so-gracefully. Next time you’re on your way to buy that latest trend-piece that will be laid to rest as a fad before you get a chance to cut the tags off, take a moment. Stop at your…


Tinder and Meetup: GOODS ways to meet people?

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Tinder and Meetup: GOODS ways to meet people? I heard of Tinder last year from my female boss, and didn’t think much of it since there is many a dating/meet up site for the using. One afternoon, I decided to check it out and download the app. I wasn’t too sure of the premise of it but I quickly got the jest of it—you swipe, swipe, swipe your heart out, looking at people in your…