Baja Mexico- Art. Food. Culture: Part 1

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ceviche negro lj

La Justina


There is nothing I love more than Food. Art. Culture. All of them mixed together on any given day is just up my alley. As a new transplant to the south bay, it has afforded me the opportunity to recognize the visibility and attention that our sister border towns in Baja Mexico is continuously gaining. I have recently had some leisurely excursions in which I have been able to experience not only the art and culture, but really this growing surge in gastronomy done Baja style, predominantly Tijuana but not limited to this area. Taking old classics and switching up the game or inventing something entirely new. Usually, it’s reinventing. Hey, I am not complaining, just intrigued. hacienda la lomita Perhaps this is old news to the general population, but it’s worth being said again as more and more places pop up adding variety and choices. I am becoming addicted to the culinary explorations that I am just scratching the surface to partake of.  My friends who frequent and know their way around are becoming personal social tour guides discovering and stumbling upon new finds every time they go. My pallet is tempted more and more and excitement builds. I am not sure San Diego realizes the treasure next door. There is no longer this reputation that precedes of the “dangers” of crossing. So we need to just dispel that and get over it. Anywhere can be unsafe and as usual one must always understand street smarts and how to navigate areas. Find your own guide if you’re not bold enough, but I say..don’t let it discourage you. 

tomatoe salad

La Hacienda La Lomita (All 3 dishes)

Revival, Reinvention, Revolution and Recipes. There’s this feeling in the air when you step into these small food courtyards of young, hip and chic tijuaneros/as  sitting around chatting it up as you’re surrounded by the enticing smells and friendly smiles to try the myriad of foods offered at each stand. Let’s not forget the yummy twists on drinks spiced up with a twist of  fresh chiles or anything else regionally delectable. They tostada hllare not far behind on the craft beer game as well that is sweeping their good ole’ San Diego neighbor by storm. There are not only hip little joints, but you can take a ride further outside of Rosarito and Ensenada into a whole other world such as one of my favorites, Valle de Guadalupe. Vineyards sprawled out with spatters of hidden culinary jewels.  Two recent adventures included Hacienda La Lomita in Valle de Guadalupe and La Justina in the Revo (Revolucion) area of TJ. I encourage you to check them both out. They are worth every dollar or peso if you will . I can not wait to see what’s in store next. I’ll make sure to keep you posted.

photos by ME!

tj food flyers

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