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You may remember the One to One movement from our coverage of their art and charity auction WASTED. August 8th the organization set up camp at Qualcomm’s Irwin Jacobs Hall in Sorrento Valley for their biggest event of the year; a film festival celebrating life in America’s finest city.

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Between two screenings of 19 short films, guests sipped on beverages from Karl Strauss and California White Co. while browsing the makers market for bites and goods, local band Fish Out Of Water was on hand to keep the party going. As for the films themselves, many focused on exactly what you’d expect: our beautiful beaches, surfing, skateboarding and the booming craft beer industry that we are known for in San Diego. This could have made for a run of the mill and frankly, quite boring evening but fortunately, executive director Jonathan Zaidman stepped in to remind us what the festival was really all about.

        For all the areas in which we excel as a community and travel destination, San Diego still falls painfully short on issues of sustainability. On average, San Diegans produce 5 pounds of waste per person, per day. We are the most bio-diverse area in the country with the most family owned farms and yet many of our citizens are living with food insecurity. If we don’t address our use of resources in a tangible way very soon, we stand to lose a great deal.

        The films shown Saturday showcased what makes San Diego great and the people working hard to keep it that way. A few highlights include spotlights on local farming and permaculture with “Busy Everyday” and “Girl Next Door Honey”, community outreach with “Pass the Bucket” and “The San Diego Highwayman” and clever takes on recycling via “The Bucket Board”. We even got a glimpse of some vibrant local characters with “Flawed American Male”, “Mike James” and “Slomo”. Ultimately there are a million things to love about living here, and an hour and a half is nowhere near enough time to list them all, but these shorts do make a compelling argument.

If you missed the festival it’s not too late, you can still view all the films with the links below. To learn more about the One to One Movement and sustainability in San Diego visit their website, consider registering for classes and donating to their current kick-starter towards building a double-decker education garden.

Films in order of appearance:

Brewbound Sessions – Matt Rogers

Flawed American Male – Enjet Media

Busy Everyday – Media Arts Center SD

SLOMO - Josh Izenberg

Pass the Bucket – Elliot Rausch

LP – Holysmokes Productions

The Bucket Board – Mac Premo

Bird’s Surf Shed - SnowGlobe Studios

The San Diego Highwayman – Foster Visuals

Yoga Surfer – Efran Films

Gnarly in Pink – Kristelle Laroche & Ben Mullinkosson

Girl Next Door Honey – Kelsi Dean

The Path Unseen – St. Archer

The Craftsman Project (Brent Ferris) – Russell Brownley

Mike James – 50SqFt Productions

Andy Powers/Taylor Guitars – Saint West

San Diego Growlers – Kyle Olson

Through the Lens - Rob Machado

Thrive – Oveth Martinez

Words and Images by Akiko Surai.
All short films are the property of their respective authors.


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