Orange County Fashion Week

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What a night to be surrounded by magical talent. The Second Annual Master Stylist Showdown fall for “Alice and Wonderland” from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at the OC Museum of arts. This event represented hair and makeup artists competing with one another at what they do best. Feeling the energy of expertise in action made the room light up.

We already know the theme of Alice and her crazy adventure. Tonight I watched these Master Stylist tell their version of the story. First off was the Alice; the model was so perfect for this look. Her natural red hair and fair skin with her doll like face. She definitely defined the concept of lil Miss Alice. But also had a creepy “sleepy Hallo” feel to it. She kept it nostalgic wearing the blue vintage ruffled dress, black Mary Jane shoes and her little white socks. To make it more interesting she wore a top hat with a blue bow, a cleaver way to grab your attention.

Then the Queen of hearts really gave a show, I personally liked this version. She was stunning from head to toe. The detailing was phenomenal. Instead of wearing stockings, the makeup artist painted her legs black with a paintbrush. She wore a red vintage corset embellished with gold crystals and extreme fire red tool draped down beautifully. She also had air brushed stencil designs all over her body. There was a second Queen of hearts, which was another one of my favorites. She rocked a red heart shaped Afro, which interpreted the artist version of the “urban” Queen. Her 1800s Victorian dress was white and red with ruffles and draped all the way down to the floor. All eyes were on that lovely dress. It was perfection on the runway.

Lets not forget the infamous Mad Hatter. Her makeup and costume was right on point. The artist airbrushed her makeup, which made it look flawless. Half of her face had a yellow tone mixed with orange. Not your typical look. And the model delivered turning into the character with her confidence and attitude on the runway. She wore a yellow coat with a checkered print. It was a fun and creative way of dressing up this character. Her top hat was also fun with feathers all around it. Loved this version of the Mad hatter.

Lastly was the white rabbit, very chic all in white. Her snow-white makeup and feathery lashes made me feel like I was actually looking at the actual rabbit from the movie. Her costume props included the glasses and the famous clock. Her outfit was a long sheer white gown. It was very classy; I liked the idea of making the rabbit feminine. All of the models and artist worked hard tonight. Loved the effort and risks they took and made it into their own. That’s what makes a true artist, believing in your own vision of style.

By Crystal Perez

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