Fashion Spotlight: AfroPunk Culture

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On August 30th ,  I found myself working an Incubus/Deftones Concert  at Sleep Train Amphitheatre. There I fell in love with the punk rock fashion; girls had neon green, blue, and yellow hair with septum piercings and bright blue lipstick. This  fashion sense exudes a daring personality and it got me present to a culture of freedom and self-expression. I wanted in on this daring fashion adventure and went to Sephora the next day to purchase Echo (dark blue) and Witches (Black) [Kat Von D’s trademark matte lipsticks]. Once I incorporated them into my look, I fell in love with the bold color and got so many compliments.


Since I was so successful in my daring fashion change, I got curious and explored the punk culture then essentially, came across the Afropunk Culture. The AfroPunk Culture is described as African Americans’ participation in the punk/Alternative music culture. The movement is intended to provide African Americans the opportunity to express themselves in a predominantly white punk culture. Later on down the line, it shifted to include Soulful Music. As I gained more knowledge of the Afro Punk Culture, I  noticed popular artists like: Rihanna, Sza, and The Weeknd have incorporated Afropunk into their current looks.

For example, the fact that popular artists like Rihanna have incorporated punk-rock into their music deeply influences the fashion culture. I have witness more people with Septum piercings, Girls with Fluorescent colored Afros, and dark colored makeup/lipstick than ever before. African Americans are going past the norm, and they are daringly changing their looks. Whether it’s grey hair or green hair, they are becoming more self-expressed with their fashion choices. I always had the mentality that because I am dark-skinned certain hair colors wouldn’t look nice on me. But as I was scrolling through my instagram account, I noticed that was just an assumption. On instagram, I have seen some absolutely gorgeous dark-skinned females with green hair, purple hair, blonde hair and it didn’t look bad at all.

I feel like Afropunk is an amazing movement that doesn’t allow African Americans to label themselves as a preconceived notion. Afropunk allows African Americans to try out bold looks with no shame, and I totally support the movement. I encourage you to get to know the culture as well, In about a week, Brooklyn will be hosting their Annual “ Afro Punk” Festival. Be sure to check out that amazing line up.

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