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January 18, 2016

Photo by Andre Power

DJ Sasha Marie

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  DJ Sasha Marie, impresario and virtuoso, is part of one of the biggest movements in music to come out of San Diego. She is part of the label Soulection, a group of artists brought together in part by the immovable force of Andre Power. Power is an artist, DJ, entrepreneur, and visionary. He began and organized San Diego’s iconic dance hip-hop party: Art In The Park. Every first Thursday…

indie music manifesto

Learn How to Successfully Become an Independent Musician

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For more than two decades, artist and music industry consultant Anyextee worked his way to the top of the music industry building a foundation that was entirely new when dropped. Founder of Amalgam Digital, Anyextee created a platform for rappers to release digital albums. Fast forward to present time and it’s a norm and demand to purchase music online. Not only has he reached success with the website, but prior…