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Photo by Andre Power

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Photo by Andre Power

Photo by Andre Power

DJ Sasha Marie, impresario and virtuoso, is part of one of the biggest movements in music to come out of San Diego. She is part of the label Soulection, a group of artists brought together in part by the immovable force of Andre Power. Power is an artist, DJ, entrepreneur, and visionary. He began and organized San Diego’s iconic dance hip-hop party: Art In The Park. Every first Thursday of the month, the event continues to brings together a mix of local artists and DJs to celebrate and support art in the San Diego community.

Sasha, a resident of San Diego, has been DJing for the past 5 years. Behind the DJ booth at Bluefoot Bar & Lounge she commands the dance floor and puts on one hell of a party. Thing is, it’s unclear how someone can be so cool. After her set, she searches for her wallet, which has somehow gotten lost in the pile of electronics behind the DJ booth. A parade of people who she later refers to as “family” continually come up to talk to Sasha. And despite the lost wallet, she makes time to joke around and kick it with everyone. It becomes very clear to me that Sasha is the embodiment of what Art In The Park is all about: appreciating the arts, coming together as a community, and supporting creativity.

When I caught up with Sasha Marie to discuss her plans for 2016 she was engaging and refreshingly authentic about what it means to be an artist in San Diego.

Q: What brings you to Art In The Park?

Sasha Marie: I’m part of a label called Soulection which is based in L.A. One of the cofounders, Andre Power – this is his night. He lives in L.A. now but he used to live in San Diego and I asked him if we could take over the night. Me and seven other girls – the ones showing their art tonight planned and curated the set. That’s why I’m out here, I’ve played here before but this is our first time taking it over and doing our own thing.

Q: Why do you think it’s important to have such a strong female presence out here?

SM: Man it’s hard, I don’t want to call it a female lineup because I don’t like calling DJs “female DJs” or artists “female artists” – I just happen to be friends with this group of people and they just so happen to all be females. I’m like why don’t we just take over this night and try to start our own thing in San Diego? But I can say that I feel like there isn’t much of a female presence in art and music in San Diego – that I’ve seen so far, and as far as music goes, lineups tend to be entirely male.

Q: I feel like you totally owned the place for like 2 hours- how do you build up to that?

SM: I just play what I love and a lot of the people that were in there tonight are family – people who really support what I do and what my other friends do. Everyone in that room are artists – photographers, videographers, DJs, singers, painters, you name it and we all support each other here in San Diego. It’s really cool – it’s a dope community.

Q: Where do you draw your influence from?

SM: My influence started when I was a child – my dad was a big record collector so I was heavily influenced by listening to different genres of music –especially oldies – that sparked my love for digging and trying to find different types of music because he was so open to everything.

Q: What are your plans for the new year in terms of what you’re creating?

SM: One of my goals for this year is to produce my own music, which I’m currently working on –that’s my thing right now.


Art In The Park occurs every first Thursday of the month at Bluefoot Bar & Lounge

3404 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104


You can find DJ Sasha Marie’s music here:

Or follow her on Facebook: /sasha.marie.soulection Twitter: @SASHASASHAMARIE & Instagram: @sashamvrie

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