The Comedy Get Down Visits San Diego

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The Comedy Get Down (January 30th)

        On January 30, I had the pleasure of attending the Comedy Get Down Featuring: Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin, Charlie Murphy, George Lopez, and D. L Hughley. 

The stage was the perfect set-up, being smack dab in the middle of the venue. Any seat you got allowed you to be close enough to experience the whimsical  jokes told by each comedian. My sister and I laughed until we cried, because they joked about relatable topics (in a way we never imagined). Such topics like: Family, Bruce Jenner, Religion, Current Events, Politics, Being 50, Being lactose intolerant, and White people Vs.Black people in the work force. 
My favorite sets were Eddie Griffin and Cedric the Entertainer’s. Cedric the Entertainer came out to a crowd who lit up the whole arena with their cellphones. He then allured and elated the crowd as he danced to O.T. Genesis’ song “Cut it” in his tailored blue suit. Cedric was extremely creative in setting up the story-line of his jokes. I really enjoyed how each of his jokes systematically flowed into the next one. He even spoke about Lamar Odom spending $75,000 on two prostitutes. I particularly remember almost falling out my chair from laughter, when he said spending that much money on two prostitutes was frivolous. And now since that incident, strippers feel entitled to more money. 
The stage seemed to be Cedric’s playground, as he entertained the crowd with his simulated depiction of a stripper twerking and pattin’ her weave. I mean you can only imagine the reaction of a working class man towards an over priced stripper, the joke was indeed: PRICELESS! I enjoyed how he used gaiety to smooth out such a dreadful occurrence in Lamar Odom’s life. 
Eddie Griffin was the total opposite of Cedric the Entertainer. He won my heart because he kept it so real with the crowd about his beliefs on: politics, black lives matter, being in the limelight, being comfortable as yourself, and Jesus being black. Yes guys, Eddie Griffin spoke about Jesus being Black and boldly expressed that he did not care how people internalized it.
He elaborated on his beliefs as would a lawyer in court, he claimed that, Jesus was black because he was resourceful with a loaf of bread. That joke made me reminisce about  the sweet memories of growing up black. 
But I really got a kick out of Eddie Griffin acting as one of Jesus’ drunk followers, who was so enthusiastic about Jesus turning water into wine. I watched the audience grow hysterical as Eddie explained Jesus’ drunk follower was now too tired of following Jesus from town to town (JUST for a wine glass). So tired, that this follower filled up his tub and told Jesus just to convert it to wine. 
After the entertainers took a bow and left, I got present to a venue filled with tons of black people. And I was excited to be connected with my culture. To be honest, I haven’t been to an “all black” event since “The UniverSoul Circus”, so it was refreshing seeing so much of my people supporting the Comedy Get Down. 
So next time they are in town, be sure to check them out; you’ll be glad you did.

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