Friday Adventure Days Series: Animal Shelter

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Adventure Day Series: My Trip to the Animal Shelter

Whenever a shelter is brought up, the mood in the room begins to feels heavy. Due to the fact that, We are conditioned to believe these animals are unappealing or mistreated in shelters. So I decided to find out  more for myself, when I arrived I was greeted by Nicole. Nicole was a wonderful tour guide, she informed me that:

  • Strays are priority; (so if people want to drop off their pets, its first come 1st serve)
  • The age requirements to volunteer is 18 &up (and you also must take a class)
  • They also have: Reptiles , Birds, Pigs, as well as Horses
  • Any Lost pets can be found on their site in a directory
  • Dogs are held for 3 business days, and 5 days with a tag
  • The main demographic in the Bonita Animal Shelter is: Chihuahuas and Pit Bulls


A lot of pets were in the shelter for more than Six Months and I want to bring awareness to them. Some of the advantages of adopting from a shelter are you are capable of viewing a variety of pets at their facility. Many shelters have a very easy or no screening process, and will let you take home whatever pet you want, the same day. Adoption fees are often lower than a rescue’s, but you may need to pay for additional vet care after adopting. These fees can range from $25-$125, and you can get adorable pets for more affordable prices (Also, your are doing these dogs a service of giving them a loving home). So adopt a pet today or visit a local shelter and get to know more about the beautiful pets at their facility!

Check Out This Video of My Adventure:

Friday Adventure Days Series: Animal Shelter from Destiny Ferguson on Vimeo.

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