New Music Platform Offering Artists 100% Revenue

New Music Platform Offering Artists 100% Revenue

by Xavier Ramsey

There has been a fierce battle in the digital world among music platforms offering their services to artists, but none can make the boast of the upcoming all-in-one music platform, Ouveer. Backed by several partners including MondoTunes, Music Gateway, AMFM Magazine, and their recent acceptance in to A2IM, Ouveer is coming for blood.

CEO Grant Stevenson had some passionate words for some of the major music platforms “We are coming for you. Artists, fans, and labels are tired of their current options, and getting the short-end of the stick on sales and overall revenue. It’s simple, we offer 100% of sales to the artist, and we’re not backing down.”

New Ouveer Background

With a feature list that is a dream for artists, labels, and fans, the app includes events, news, merchandise, digital album sales, and in-depth analytics that would make a data scientist drool. They recently opened their pre-registration process to begin amassing their army of unhappy artists, labels, and fans, which is off to a great start.

“We have a great team, several major artists and independent labels involved, and our user base is growing every day.” After personally seeing a demo, I can say for sure that it is worth your time to sign up. For more information on getting involved before their launch by pre-registering for this epic movement, go to


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