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Enoteca Style

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It’s Saturday afternoon and you may be busy with your pub crawl or your Pilates class.  You might also be trying to find a great spot to enjoy your Saturday night with friends or your significant other!  Why not head to  Little Italy and check out a great little wine bar, Enoteca Style (You can visit their website HERE)? Enoteca literally means “wine repository” and is an Italian term for…


Packing Like A Pro

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It may still be February but Spring Break is right around the corner!  Tropical getaways, long weekends to the desert and Bachelor/Bachelorett parties in Vegas will be here before you know it.  Since I have been traveling so much in the past year I have constantly struggled with how to not over pack.  I am hardly an expert at this point but have been able to go from a giant…


Love Is In The Air

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News Flash: Valentine’s Day is Friday!  For all of you who are suddenly sweating and rapidly texting your friends for advice on how to woo your sweetie, never fear!  I have come up with my list of the best date night spots and uniquely San Diego ways to say, “I love you”.  Or at least, “I like you enough to make an effort on Valentine’s Day”! Romantic Dining: Island Prime…


Palm Springs, Your Weekend Retreat Awaits!

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It’s February.  The clouds and rain have finally made their way into San Diego.  Gone are the perfect sunny days of January and the warm temperatures confusing us all into thinking Spring was already here.  It is also Friday and you have two whole days away from the rat race of work so, what do you do? Sure, you can stay around San Diego, complain about the weather and long…


Tasty Tuesday: Welcome The Habit

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The Habit specialty charburger small franchise from Santa Barbara, has opened their doors in five locations throughout San Diego County. The menu consists of the old fashioned drive-in style fast food that is freshly made. The atmosphere is modern retro with the pricing to match. The Habit makes charburgers in the style of the basics old fashioned, double, mushroom swiss, teriyaki, and bbq bacon. Sandwiches include, chicken, tri-tip, albacore tuna,…


Best Travel Destinations for March

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Its funny isn’t it when it comes the the weather? When its too cold we sit and wait for it to warm up and when its too hot we just cant wait for the weather to cool down. So why not cheat the weather by going on an early summer vacation. Why wait for summer to come to you when you can take yourself to where summer already is. Im…


Top 10 Valentines Songs for 2013

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  With Valentines Day right around the corner your probably wondering  what are some romantic ways to get the Valentines Day vibe flowing in the air with you and your Sweetheart.  Music has always been a notorious tool in romanticism and that is definitely something I plan on using to make this Valentines Day a little more Romanic and memorable with my top ten V-day Love list.  I know studies…


Nov/Dec 2012 Issue

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To view the current issue please click on the viewer below. Buy your own print version by visiting MagCloud.



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Why do people feel the need to play out their relationship on Facebook? My boyfriend lives six hours away and you would be hard pressed to find any lingering traces of that relationship on his wall. Perhaps you have a passion for design, but the shameless decorating of his wall leaves little to be desired. From my experience if people are so eager to prove something in public, something is…


Best Valentine’s Day Movies

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic day of the year. Pink and red are the colors everyone loves to use for Valentine’s Day from teddy bears, color coded candy, and I love you cards. During Valentine’s Day week you never have to worry about finding a bad movie to watch. Many movie networks like to play the popular love movies: “Pretty in Pink,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” “Ghost” and…