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Chris Brown and Rihanna On Again

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Over the last few years the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown saga has been a love roller coaster. From the beak ups to the make ups. From the doghouse to the courthouse and back together again. So it wasn’t too surprising to hear the recent Rihanna and Chris Brown relationship update. Rihanna has gone on the record and admitted to rekindling her relationship with Chris Brown. So what is next…


Music and it’s Influence

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Has anyone ever noticed how much music surrounds us and everything we do. How influential it is within our lives and our communities. As a music lover myself, I honestly don’t know what I would do without it and I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that thought process. Music has changed so much over the years and with that being said so have music artists. With an…


The G.O.O.D.S Magazine teams up with Audio Playhouse!

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The G.O.O.D.S Magazine, The G.O.O.D.S Girls and Fortune Cookie Clothing is hosting an exclusive photoshoot at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on Saturday Oct. 20th for the monthly edition of Audio Playhouse at 207 and Float (21+).We will be looking for contestants to participate in a night you will not forget. 10 Lucky Models will be chosen to be part of a live photoshoot featuring the exclusive line from…


Rihanna still loves Chris Brown?

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Last night Oprah’s Next Chapter aired her interview with Rihanna. Rihanna revealed insights about her relationship with Chris Brown. She said that they are really close friends. She also stated it was very awkward to see Chris and that she is still in love with him. Click the link too watch some of the interview I really like Rihanna and I think it’s good that she put it out there…

Lady Gaga-20120813-44

Lady Gaga bodyguards don’t play!!!!

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If you ever see Lady Gaga out and about, don’t just walk up on her thinking you are going to get an autograph. Her bodyguards will take you down!!!!. Just as an eager fan who seen Ms. Gaga leaving her hotel  in Romania on Thursday. He  ran up to Gaga with a  pen when her bodyguards got a hold of him and dragged him. Literally.  Got to be more careful!!!….


Chad and Evelyn

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I am so sick of these two. Somebody needs to tell them that their 15 minutes are up. He are some more details into their mess.According to, Chad has threatened to kill Evelyn and their relationship was/is very volatile. Allegedly Chad hated how Evelyn acted on Basketball wives. He also hated having her friends and assistant  living in his house. Sources say this was not Chad’s first time hitting…


Celebrity Gossip July 06 2012

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It’s been a crazy few weeks in Hollyland hasn’t it folks? People getting divorced, singers getting even with their accountants, Russll Brand has his own TV show, it’s been weird. We all love our celebrities. They make us feel great knowing that even they are still human and goes through the same problems we regular folks do. In case you missed it here’s some news that happened over the past…


The Amazing Spiderman Sneak Peek

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  THE MOVIE: CRITIC’S TAKE I was lucky and hungry enough to receive free passes into the sneak peek of this film. I was so happy to see some scenes and get a feel about how awesome or dull this movie will be. I’m writing this article to share my experience of the event and tell you what to expect when the movie opens this July. I can tell you…

Safe House

Safe House Film Review (Minor Spoilers)

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The best thriller this year!   THE MOVIE: CRITIC’S TAKE This movie had me sold on Denzel playing the bad ass. He is one of the best actors Hollywood has to offer. Adding Ryan Reynolds to the mix just made it spicier. Putting both of them in a thriller should have made this movie a must see. It damn sure is because it delivers all the goods and more. One…


Space Nightclub

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There are nightclubs, and then there are nightclubs. Searching for the world’s best nightclub establishment, look no further than SPACE nightclub located on the outskirts of Ibiza, a city in Spain renowned for its nearly mythical distinction as the top nightlife tourism location on the map. SPACE the reigning king of nightclubs has become globally renowned for being one of the Mecca’s of dance and electronic music; the international buzz…