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Omarr Olasewere- Editor In Chief

Always having had an interest in performing arts, poetry and fashion, Omarr Olasewere, a Philadelphia native, found a way to take his interests to the next level by turning his creative visions into businesses. In 2003, he began Holla At Ya Boy Entertainment; a record label that worked with prodigious underground artist of the hip-hop genre. These artist recorded several compilations and gained well-received feedback and notoriety. In 2009, Omar’s entrepreneurial ambition lead him to expand Holla At Ya Boy Entertainment into a brand. In doing so he threw his first promotional upscale event in the Gaslamp District of Downtown San Diego. The success of his capacity-reached event quickly gained interest and spun into weekly upscale events around southern California.  After receiving the notoriety he deserved in event promotions, Omarr discovered an issue of 944 Magazine, in turn with Omarr’s versatile style and desire to expand, he decided he wanted to do something different. Upon studying the issue page to page he decided he was going to create a high fashion magazine for the people.

The G.O.O.D.S Magazine was created from a distinct vision brought out by 944. It was created as a platform to inspire and showcase the talent of “upcoming artists, entrepreneurs, photographers, promoters, writers, models and clothing designers and more who are representing a shared artistic vision.” Omarr wanted a Publication that informed his readers on a plethora of topics that are relatable to a variety of individuals on a number of interesting, creative and entertaining topics. A publication to provide a one-stop platform for readers to gain information on The G.O.O.D.S around town on everything from Fashion, Art and Entertainment as well as much more. The website provides daily blogs, video post and each month’s issue of the magazine.  The interactivity of the magazine allows readers to comment, share and click on links to find further information on what they are reading. The G.O.O.D.S offers everything from the latest on fashion, horoscopes, music and more.

Omarr’s quoted, “I believe anything is possible, I see opportunity where others see impossibility. I take risks. I hustle, I know that nothing is unrealistic. I feel overwhelming love, I embrace my childlike wonder & curiosity. I take flying leaps into the unknown. I contribute to something bigger than myself. I create, I learn, I grow, I do! I believe it is never to late to start living a dream… I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR!”      

A far cry from the pressures of growing up in North Philly, Holla at Ya Boy Entertainment and The G.O.O.D.S Magazine, are just the beginning for Omarr. What will we see next from Omarr? The possibilities are endless…

He is a Man on a Creative and Inspiring mission!



Solomon Osayande- Executive Editor

Solomon Osayande Jr. is a San Diego State alumnus with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Social Psychology. Solomon has done several freelance writing jobs for multiple publications throughout the San Diego and Los Angeles communities over the last 8 years after his completion of college. Solomon’s other areas of professional focus include his work as an entertainment manager, entrepreneur and as a creative writer.  As the Director of Advertising of The G.O.O.D.S. Magazine, Solomon intends on helping the publication reach new heights while helping secure its place among San Diego’s top fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle publications.









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